Iris Wayres

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A Hume White Mage that appeared in the FFXI Novel Series. She is an orphan, her parents died when she was four years old. In the beginning of the series Iris is a typical teenager in that she is quick to judge and not so quick to admit her own faults. She matures in time.

The Past

Iris was born to her parents Flam and Sylvia Wayres, and was raised in San d'Oria the first four years of her life. However, when she started exhibiting signs of magical talent, her parents made the decision to move to Windurst, where she could hopefully attend one of their famous schools. The decision was made, and Flam and Sylvia's old adventuring party got back together to escort the family to Windurst.
Not all went well. On the Mhaura-Selbina ferry, they got attacked by the undead. Flam and Sylvia died along with a third one of their six-man party. Since her mother had told her to be a good girl and be quite, she didn't speak for two years after the event.


The remaining three persons of the party escorted Iris back to her San d'Oria house. One of them, a Galka Warrior called Maximum (or Max, for short) took special notice of the small girl and in the following years, came back to her periodically to check that she was alright. He told her stories of his own adventures to keep her amused.

In time, Iris took up the path of the White Mage, like her mother had been. When she was 15 years old, she also asked Max to take her along with him on adventures. He was a bit reluctant, but made the journey with her from San d'Oria to Bastok, his home town.

The Wind of Prayer

Right before reaching Bastok, she and Max met up with a Warrior called Alfred Lead and saved him from a Goblin. She ruthlessly held over him the fact that she'd started adventuring earlier than him (if only for a little while), but generally got along well with him. This is how she ended up training and doing small tasks for Bastokans with Al.

Some time later, she and Al took part in an attack force to Palborough Mines. Al became the leader of the group, and two other people - Peta and Jerald Deil - joined to fill up the ranks. The party did well for themselves in Palborough, so not long after was sent on a mission to San d'Oria.
On the way to San d'Oria Iris's past got revealed to the rest of the party when she froze up completely at the sight of undead attacking, and almost got some of the party killed. Realizing her own weakness got her rather down for a while, until she faced some more battles (although not with the undead) with Al on La Theine Plateau while having gotten separated from the rest of the party.
In San d'Oria her party took part in an attack force sent to Ghelsba Outpost, and distinguished themselves by recovering blueprints of an Orcish Warmachine.

The Oath of Stars

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The Bond of Eternity

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Wings Take Me Far Away

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