Ingus (イングズ [ingus] in Japanese) is one of the four Warriors of Light in Final Fantasy III. His real parents are unknown, but it is known he grew up in Castle Sasune, and became a knight there. His age in the game is unknown, but he appears somewhat older than the other three Warriors, and his love, Princess Sara, is 21, whereas Arc is 14 and still getting bullied by village children.
In the Japanese version, the personal pronoun he uses for himself is 私 [watashi], though in the unused text, he only uses it in the presence of Sara and Prince Alus and uses オレ [ore] more casually. He's a dedicated and honorable person willing to go to any lengths for his loved ones. From the opening movie and history of Sasune it can be deduced that he was intended as a Red Mage.

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Early Years

Nothing is known about Ingus's early life and biological parents. He was brought to the Floating Continent in an airship with Cid Haze and the three other future Warriors of Light. The airship they were on crashed with the upheaval that stopped the time in the lower world and covered it in darkness. From there, he ended up in Castle Sasune.

Unused text strings in the coding of the DS version of Final Fantasy III hints at his prior background. In the Cave of the Circle, Doga mentions that Ingus' eyes resemble those of a Dark Blade wielder. Later, when the party reaches Falgabard, Ingus experiences a sense of nostalgia upon entering the village and later expresses a desire to return and formally train using Dark Blades. During this sequence, he mentions that he has served Sasune since he was 4 years old. An even later scene hints that he has vague memories of the mountain range around the Cave of Shadows.1

Ingus appears to have had a lot to do with the royal family of Sasune in his life, for when we meet him in the game he already is in love with Princess Sara and she with him. However, it isn't certain if this is due to his being adopted into a high-ranking family (perhaps even the king himself) or his accomplishments as a knight of Sasune.

His relationship with the other knights is not touched upon heavily, though they address him as "Sir Ingus" in the localization while addressing him with おまえ [Omae] in the original Japanese. One of the knight NPCs mentions that Ingus has always beaten him since they were little. In the localization, he is the only knight to specifically address Ingus and not call him "Sir Ingus".


Final Fantasy III

Ingus's first appearance in the game is when Luneth, Arc and Refia meet him at the gates of Castle Sasune. He had been away from the castle, and returned only to find all the residents turned into ghosts by Djinn's curse. He acquiesces to arrange an audience with the king for the three, for them to ask for a Mythril Ring to cure the people of Sasune and Kazus from their curse.
During the audience it becomes apparent that the ring is with Princess Sara, and she has disappeared shortly before Djinn's appearance. The king sends the three youths to Sealed Cave where Djinn is known to dwell, and Ingus asks to join them. He is granted permission to do so.

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In his Freelancer outfit, Ingus wears a blue shirt, with a red gambersan and cravat, chainmail leggings and black gauntlets and boots. The sleeves of his shirt, puffed up due to the gauntlets, are the only visible portions of it along with a minor portion below his neck. Ingus additionally wears a jade necklace.
These elements recur in Ingus' job outfits. In particular the gem of his necklace acts as his personal sigil in some of his job outfits.
Brave Exvius features Ingus in his Freelancer outfit, with the 4-star rarity giving a Red Mage cape and 5-star giving him a matching hat.


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Ingus has made one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

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