Ighii Moui

Ighii Moui is a Miqo'te pirate who could be found aboard the Astalicia in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x.


Ighii is not involved in any quests.


Ighii Moui: I seen the way you been glarin' at the ratboys on deck. Well, let me warn you: lay a hand on 'em, and their prickly hide'll be the last thing your meaty digits ever touch.
Qiqirn have their place on a ship, as does a helmsman or a cook. Them sniffers they got can tell when trouble's brewin', and them claws o' theirs'll rip clean through a fishback's fins. That, and they make for decent fare when a ship's larder's spent. Heheheh.

Category: People

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