I'gobaxi Rhof

I'gobaxi Rhof is a private and a probationary officer of The Maelstrom in Final Fantasy XIV. She keeps track off all personal details and hands out rewards soldiers of the Maelstrom have achieved for themselves with hard work.


I'gobaxi Rhof is not involved in any quests


Storm Private Rhof: Ah, if it isn't the venerable <rank> <Lastname>! It is a pleasure to finally make your acquaintance!
I am I'gobaxi Rhof, probationary officer at arms for the Maelstrom. My charge is to maintain up-to-the-minute records of all members of our organization.
I have at my fingertips such personal details as date of enlistment, unit, major campaigns, accolades, and - last but not least - cumulative seal issuance.
This information is essential in the running of our organization, finding use in areas such as strategizing, troop allocation, and personnel evaluation.
In case you have yet to be informed, an award scheme has recently been instituted wherein excellent and sustained service is recognized by way of a special bestowal. A compelling incentive to go that extra malm for the Maelstrom, is it not?
(unlock Grand Company achievements)

(after unlocking)
Storm Private Rhof: Ah, if it isn't the venerable <rank> <Lastname>! Word of your valorous exploits on behalf of the Maelstrom batters my ears nigh without cease. I am honored to count you as a brother-in-arms.

Category: People

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