Hope Estheim

Hope Estheim (ホープ・エストハイム [hope estheim] in Japanese) is one of the main characters in FF13 and a support character in 13-2. His mother is Nora Estheim and his father Bartholomew Estheim. In FF13 he's 14 years old (153 cm tall), and having just lost his mother and become a wanted fugitive his mental state is a bit of a mess. In FF13-2, at 18 years old and beyond, he's become one of the top scientists in the world and a founding figure of both Academy and Academia.

His seiyuu is Yuuki Kaji in the Japanese version and is voiced by Vincent Martella in the English version.

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Hope has sandy platinum hair, cut short in a standard male cut. He also has green eyes and delicate features.

In FF13, when he was 14 years old, he wore a jacket with orange and yellow on the outside, the inner parts of which were beige. To go with it he had a turquoise scarf around his neck with black tribal patterns. His pants ended in mid-thigh, were grey-green in color and closed with three metallic buttons. His shoes were off-white and tied with grey-green ribbons, with a thick black sole. He also wore leather gloves - dark blue on top and white below - and a thin yellow scarf on his left wrist.

In FF13-2 he wore the standard Academy attire or just about. His jacket was clean-cut, closed with hooks instead of buttons, and mostly white, with bright yellow stripes down the top-side of arms. Beneath it he wore a white dress shirt, coupled with an aqua-colored tie. His pants were dark grey, and the boots black, reaching mid-thigh and with three horizontal strips of leather at the top, closed with buckles.
He also wore a black leather belt, strong enough to support thin leather bags that could be attached to its sides, and gloves with black top and dark grey bottom. He also had this familiar yellow scarf (or another like it, sligthly darker yellow than before) on his left wrist.


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Hope has several appearances in the FF-TCG, the cards are depicted below. They are all of the Wind element.

tcg_1068.jpg tcg_2044.jpg tcg_5069.jpg tcg_12050.jpg
1-068U Hope 2-044U Hope 5-069U Hope 12-050R Hope
PR-076 Hope


Hope makes an appearance in the tutorial for Assist in Duodecim.

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