Honga Vunga

Honga Vunga is a Lalafell who could be found in the Carline Canopy of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He would guide fledgling weavers to the guild in Ul'dah when came time for their class quests.


Honga Vunga is not involved in any quests.


Honga Vunga: You - tell me, did you come across a conjurer within the forest?
Just remembering that face gives me the chills. To think that is the lord of Gridania…

(alternate April 2012)
Honga Vunga: You - tell me, did you come across a great conjurer within the forest? You're not like to forget her if you did.
My skin turns all to goose flesh and I go weak int he knees just remembering the gaze she fixed me with. Such is the awesomeness of the Seedseers.

(talk on WVR20+)
Honga Vunga: I admit, you are not altogether inept.
But you still know so little of our ways. I wonder, do you even know where our guild lies?
It is to the south, in great Ul'dah, where the sun beats on your back with fiery fists, and the sins and sands are both hot and golden and everywhere at once.

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