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Hnaufrid is a highlander Hume male employed by Esthaime's Lapidaries in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He can be found at the counter of the guild, and handles all guild mark transactions.


Class quests
She Walks in Beauty (instance)
F'lhaminn's Flower (talk)
Struck Through the Heart (talk)


Hnaufrid: Your Goldsmiths' Guild marks are welcome here, but not your coin. We reward service to the realm, not avarice.

(About the goldsmiths' guild)
Hnaufrid: The working of precious metals and stones requires precision and control. Our tradition has yielded a variety of primary tools perfectly suited to our tasks. You must take these up before you can call yourself a true goldsmith.
We appeal to sophisticated taste, and create finery to adorn the body. We take the basest of ores and refine them into the most elegant of rings, necklaces, and brooches.
In time you will learn to master even our secondary tools, such as the grinding wheel. Part of the beauty of our craft lies in its diversity, and offtimes different tools will yield completely different results, even when following the same pattern.


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