Hetzkin is a Hyur conjurer of the Stillglade Fane of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He could be found at the counter of the Fane, offering to exchange guild marks for various goods.


Class quests
Dendrological Duties (talk)


Hetzkin: All who serve the realm are welcome to our wares. But your gil is no good here. We deal only in Conjurers' Guild marks.

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(About the guild)
Hetzkin: The arms of the conjurers are gifts from the bosom of nature, and they enable us to enact her will by imbuing us with her power.
The spells of our order require a soul to be cast upon, but exert their influence on those in the immediate vicinity as well. That is to say, we thrive when our enemies and allies are numerous and nearby. We command the six elements to enhance our friends' strengths, as well - another gift for which we are oft sought out.
The manipulation of natural forces taxes the mind. We have our own techniques for refreshing ourselves, and aetheryte is available to us as well, but you must know your mind's limitations.


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