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Herba (ヘルバ [herba] in Japanese) is one of the main villains in Final Fantasy Unlimited. To begin with, she's one of the four major underlings of Earl Tyrant, but after his defeat she becomes the de facto leader of the Wonderland. Even when he was still the ruler, the anime gives hints that she could manipulate him to her will. It seems that she is determined if a quick to give up on a particular plan if it doesn't work, and beneath her uncaring attitude she might in fact be a very calculating person.
Herba is of an unnamed flower-like race and appears to be of average height for a woman. She appears to be well attuned to plants and uses them as weapons, although ones that she's somewhat attached to. Her voice actor in the Japanese version was Kana Ueda (who also sang the main theme of the anime) and is Jessica Smolins in the English version.



Early Years

Basically nothing is known about Herba's life before she became one of the four Gaudium lords. However, judging by the events we do know her home world must have been incorporated into Wonderland at some point. Her road to becoming one of the Gaudium lords is equally shrouded in mystery, even whether it happened before, during or after the disappearance of her home world.


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