Hein (ハイン [hein] in Japanese) is a magician and the former advisor to King Argus in Final Fantasy III. It is unknown whether he has always appeared as a skeleton, but it is likely that this appearance is due to his corrupted mind and that he used to appear a normal human being before that.

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It is unknown when exactly Hein entered the service of King Argus. However, he was a trusted subject and court mage (魔導士 [madoushi] in Japanese), when he started researching the power of the darkness. He soon lost his mind doing that, and his soul was eaten by the darkness, changing his personality considerably, making him desire to rule the world.

The order of the next events in his life are unknown, although the following are known to have happened. He made the Elder Tree into a castle for himself, and enslaved him to wander about the desert as an impenetrable fortress. He then muddled the minds of the soldiers in Argus and made them work for himself, and imprisoned the king in the basement of his tree-castle. From his castle he proceeded to raid the nearby villages - especially Tokkul which was raided almost to the ground - and enjoy the fruits of his misdeeds.

That was when the Warriors of Light were captured and thrown into his dungeons. The Warriors wasted no time breaking out of the dungeon, and searched him out to put an end to him and his power-hungry ways.



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Hein has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Dark element.

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