Hasthwab is a Roegadyn who could be found aboard the Astalicia in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. Seemingly, he is one of the Bloody Executioners, but he is in fact an undercover private of the Knights of the Barracuda.


Grand Company Sidequests
Saving the Stead Instead (start)

What a Pirate Wants (talk)
Cutthroat Prices (talk)
A Slippery Stone (talk)
Call of Booty (start)


Hasthwab: Ye heard the tale behind this ol' galleon?
The decks, they be stained with the blood o' more men than there be in all o' Limsa. Ain't a nook in the ship what hasn't drunk of the red stuff…and yet she craves more withal.

Category: People

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