Halver M Borel

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Halver M Borel (ハルバー・M・ボーレル [halver M borel] in Japanese) is the monarlais (宰相 [saishou] or 'prime minister') of San d'Oria in Final Fantasy XI. The rest of the details of his family is unknown, but he has a younger sister called Altennia. He was born around the year 833 CE or so, which would make him more than 50 years old by the start of the game. This may or may not be correct.
Halver takes his job seriously, and dotes on his sister. This is about the extent of what we know of his personality.



Early Years

Nothing at all is known about Halver's childhood and youth. However, by the time of the Crystal War in 864 CE he was already working in the chateau in an important position. In those times already his attachment to his sister was there, as he used to sneak out of the chateau to check up on his sister and try to stop her from leaving on military operations.

It isn't known when Halver became the monarlais.

Shadow Lord and Beyond

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