Halstein is a pugilist Hume who can be found at the Platinum Mirage in Ul'dah of Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He is hard at work paying off his father's debts.


Class quests
The House Always Wins (talk)
Culture Shock (instance)

Freedom isn't Free (start)


(after establishment of the GCs is underway)
Halstein: The reestablishment of Ul'dah's own Grand Company is well under way. Soon the Immortal Flames will lead our nation to peace once more. And how could they not? The former champion of the Coliseum, Raubahn Aldynn himself, has been appointed Flame General.
Raubahn was always held in the highest regard, and not just by those in this own Gladiators' Guild. Hells, even the pugilists couldn't' help but respect the man for his prowess on the bloodsands. I tell you this - those bloody Garleans are in for the fight of their lives.

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