Hadrian is one of the town criers who appeared in Eorzea in the time leading up to the Calamity. Hadrian himself was seen in Gridania, informing the populace of impeding Garlean skirmishes.


Hadrian is not involved in any quests.


(broadcast, October 2011 Imperials event)
Hadrian: Prick up yer ears, friends! The bloody imperials are at it again!

(talk to him)
Hadrian: Dire news! Imperial troopers've been spotted close by!
(Inquire further? How many do they number?)
Hadrian: 'Fraid yer guess is as good as mine on that front, mate. The imperials've spread 'emselves right across the region, if what I'm hearin's true, an' there ain't no tellin' how many of the buggers are out there.
(How were they armed?)
Hadrian: The imperials are sportin' that hefty bloody armor they like so much. Aye, the kind we all know an' hate. And what's more, they've got hordes of nasty beasties in tow.
(Where were they seen?)
Hadrian: Have a mind t' trade blows with the imperials, do ye? Aye, that maniacal grin ye're wearin' says as much. Well, ye'll want t' make for Camp Glory, out in Coerthas, then. I'm told the imperials're somewhere thereabouts.

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