H'rhanbolo Oya

H'rhanbolo Oya is the captain of the Ice Princess trading vessel. She can be found standing about in between the Hawkers' Alleys in Limsa Lominsa in version 1.x, and in Aleport in version 2.0+.


H'rhanbolo is not involved in any quests in 1.x.


(in version 1.x)
H'rhanbolo: Another shipment lost! If I ever get my hands on one of those dirty beasts, I'll wring its neck and throw the corpse to my hounds!
Those who believe the Sahagin pose the biggest threat to the island need to open their eyes to the real threat - those godsdamned kobolds!

(pick up leve in 1.x)
H'rhanbolo: You the lad the Adventurers' Guild sent to do my synthesis? I'm H'rhanbolo, captain of the Ice Princess - third fastest trading ship in all of Limsa.
I'm assuming that you already know what you're here to do, so take these materials and get to it. My crew and I set sail soon, and I've never been one for waiting.

(complete leve in 1.x)
H'rhanbolo: Everything seems to be in order; a fine job, if I do say so myself. You ever think about hanging up your adventurer's britches, let me know. There might be a place for you on the Princess.

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