H'naanza Esi

H'naanza Esi (ハ・ナンザ=エシ [ha'naanza esi] in Japanese) is the Forgemaster of Naldiq & Vymelli's in Final Fantasy XIV. She's diminutive in stature but strong in personality, and won't stand people crossing her.
It bears noting that it isn't clear if she's the Forgemaster in the present or the past, as she appears during the main quest at Limsa Lominsa.



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H'naanza is a miqo'te Keeper of the Moon. Her skin is light (almost pink), and her hair sandy brown. Her ears and tail are the same color, but the tip of her tail is white. The color of her eyes is unknown as she wears goggles that cover them.
Her shirt is a dark brown top. Along with it she wears dark brown pants and dark (almost black) leather thigh boots.


"Your body is no different from a ship. It is a vessel, and your soul the captain. The captain must know her vessel if she is to provide it with ample protection."
-from the official site

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