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Guy (ガイ [guy] in Japanese) is an orphan living in Fynn with his adoptive parents, their real children Leon and Maria, and their other adopted son Firion. He's quite probably in his early twenties (could be slightly younger), and is quite strong.
While his appearance doesn't reveal the fact, he's quite gentle-hearted and does not like to battle. He uses his strength only to protect his loved ones and the weak. He also doesn't speak human languages all that well.

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The Early Years

It is unknown how it came about, but he lived his childhood raised by wolves. It is due to this that he isn't too good with human words, but it's also thanks to it that he can speak with wild animals. His strength harks back to his days with the wolves.
At some point in his life he was adopted by Leon and Maria's parents, and afterwards spent his life learning to live as a human with his adopted siblings.

Final Fantasy II


At the start of the game he escaped his home town with Firion, Maria and Leon when the Empire of Palamecia attacked it. His adoptive parents were caught in the attack and died. His own path almost ended as well when he and the three others got attacked by Palamecian soldiers right outside of town.
He awakened in Altair where the resistance faction of Fynn had made base. He soon found Maria and Firion, but Leon had disappeared. To aid the resistance and to possibly find Leon, the three asked to join the group. However, they were denies due to their inexperience in battling.

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Guy has appeared twice in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Earth element.

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