Gutsco (グツコー [gutscoh] in Japanese) is a master thief in Final Fantasy III. It is unknown whether he was born the way he looks like now, or whether his appearance is a result of his being corrupt. He appears weak on the surface, but is quite crafty.

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Gutsco's early life is completely unknown. However, he managed to steal the Fang of Ice from the dwarves and was on his way to use it when the Warriors of Light arrived. The Warriors heard of the predicament the dwarves were in and decided to help, and defeated Gutsco.

However, he was too crafty. He didn't get completely defeated, but instead sneaked back to the dwarven cave in the shadows of the Warriors, and stole the Fang again to get close to the Fire Crystal. He then used its power to strengthen himself, becoming Salamander. Even with the help of the Crystal's borrowed powers, he soon fell to the strength of the Warriors, allowing them to reclaim the stolen item.



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Gutsco has had one appearance under the Fire element in the FF-TCG.

9-008R Gutsco

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