Gun F (短銃(女) [tanjuu(onna)] or 'revolver woman' in Japanese) is one of the player characters in Before Crisis. She doesn't have an official name, and is usually referred to with this moniker in the fandom. She's a Turk in employ of the Shinra Company. She's serious almost to a fault and loyal to her causes. It's known that her father is (or was) an instructor at the Shinra Military School, and that she has a younger sister Elena. Her speech is rather polite.

Gun is voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi in the Last Order anime short.

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Early Years


Gun was born in the Midgar Slums. The details of her early life are unknown, although she enrolled at the Shinra Military School at some point. Her admission to the school may or may not have been influenced by her father. What is known about her relationship with her father is that they're rather distant, more professionally related than by blood.
In any case, she graduated from the school at the top of her year and was immediately recruited to the Turks.

Before Crisis

As no official indication has been given which of the player Turks handles which mission, it is unclear how her employment with the Turks went. Because of this it is likewise unclear when she joined the Turks, although it has to have been before or at the start of February of the year 1 [ν] era or shortly after.
It bears noting that unless graduation from Shinra Military School is between late December and January, she can't have been the player character of the first missions as those happened on the character's first day on the job.


There's not much to be said about Gun's appearance. She has short (less than shoulder-length) blonde hair with bangs, and her eyes are light blue. For the entirety of her appearance she wears the standard Turks uniform, a black suite and tie with a white shirt. Her gun is a standard dark metallic handgun.


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