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Gumbah (グンパ [gumpa] in Japanese) in his current reincarnation is the Talekeeper of the Galka. He appeared in Final Fantasy XI. He currently lives in Bastok in a house in the Mines district he shared with Werei, his old mentor and once-childhood friend, before Werei left on his journey of rebirth. As he has only recently been reborn himself, his current appearance is that of a child. Nevertheless, being the Talekeeper, he bears within him the memories of his past lives, and the racial memory of the whole Galka race.
His distinct features include a light blue face with green markings.


Wings of the Goddess


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Early Years

After his rebirth, the newly-born Gumbah wondered into Bastok, where he surely knew (due to the memory of a Talekeeper) that he would find his old friend Werei. It isn't known how, but he ended up being taken in by Werei who became his new father-figure and mentor. He made friends with several other Galka living in the city, although his friendship seems to have been more of a teaching kind, him not actually having the mind of a child despite his age.

Since it isn't known when exactly he left on his journey of rebirth, Gumbah's exact current age is unknown. However, it was less than 20 by the time the events of the game come around. For a Galka, this still counts very much as a child.

The Shadow Lord

Around spring 886, the time of the start of the game, Werei leaves Bastok and starts his journey of rebirth, leaving behind a worried Gumbah. At this same time, rumors have started circulating that the next Talekeeper has finally appeared. It's unknown what Gumbah thought of these rumors, as he was not the subject of them. Nevertheless, he continues on, living in Werei's old house in the hopes that he will one day return from his journey.

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Gumbah has appeared in the FF-TCG series bearing the Earth element.

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