Greinfarr, aka Greinfarr the Great, is a Gladiator and a champion of the Coliseum in Final Fantasy XIV. He's a Roegadyn of the Hellsguard tribe and indeterminable age, although his behavior seems to suggest somewhere in 20s to 30s in human years. At the Coliseum, he is (or was once) one of their greatest warriors, and has traveled for a long time outside of Ul'dah at least once in his life. He was also friends with the Hellfire Phoenix when she participated in the fights as well, and seems to care about his friends deeply - or at least have a high sense of honor in regards to them. Nothing is known about his family.


Early Years


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Career Gladiator

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Greinfar is a Hellsguard Roegadyn with red skin characteristic of his tribe as well as off-white hair. He has darker patches of skin around his eyes, very dark and muted red but still red. He wears a yellow over-tunic of some kind decorated with reddish brown leather, over a chainmail. He also wears gauntlets of the same red leather and steel guards over his arms, and boots of similar design with chainlinks, red leather and steel guards over his knees.
His sword (Frenzy) is partially dark material, partially a lighter one, with Phrensy written on it in Eorzean script in yellow/brass, as well as red tribal markings. The sword glows purple sometimes when he raises it.


"Why do I fight? To triumph over my enemeis. To see their lifeblood stain the sands. And to hear the lamentations of those who bet against me."
-from the official site

In FF14


Greinfarr joins the battle on your side once in the Ul'dah main quest line.

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