Gray Edwards

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Captain Gray Edwards is the male main character in The Spirits Within. He was born on April 15th 2034, making his age at the time of the movie 31 years old. Gray first met Aki Ross in Houston Military Academy when they were assigned on the same mission, and later fell in love with her. Currently, he's a captain of his own squad in the Deepeyes Squadron. He's 184 cm tall and weighs 82 kg. His bloodtype is O and sun sign Aries.
Gray's voice actor is Alec Baldwin in the English version of the movie.


Early Years


Gray Edwards was born to a loving family consisting of at least his parents. It's unknown if he has any siblings. When he was born the Leonid Meteor had already fallen on Earth, and while growing up he helped his father protect their family before the barrier cities were developed.

When he was 17 years old, Gray was recruited into Houston Preparatory Academy due to displaying impressive leadership skills. He received tactical and special forces training there. Sometime in the course of his training, he was assigned on a mission together with Aki Ross and fell in love with her. The two were in a relationship for some time after.
In 2058, at 24 years old, Gray enlisted in USMF in Houston and soon became a cadet leader. Sometime after this, Aki broke all contact with him, leaving Gray heartbroken.

The Spirits Within

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