Gontrant is an employee of the Adventurers' Guild of Gridania in Final Fantasy XIV. He serves at the leve counter and distributes Regional, Gathering, Faction and Tutorial leves, as well as handles all leve evaluations.


Gontrant is not involved in any quests.


Gontrant: Ahem! Greetings, adventurer. I deal in the issuing of guildleves for regional levequests.

(Choose section)
Gontrant: The following leves are available:
(Choose leve)
Gontrant: Might this be the one you want?
Are you positive? All decisions are final.

(Leve evalutation, not enough history)
Gontrant: I am sorry, but you have not accumulated enough of a history to warrant evaluation. Complete a few more leves and speak with me again.
(Leve evaluation, good version)
Gontrant: Yes, this is good. Some might even say very good. You have been quite the busy bee, <Player>. Please accept this leve in exchange for your services. It comes witha completion bonus of <bonus>.
Good luck, and Twelve be with you.

(When you already have the chosen leve)
Gontrant: Oh, dear. It appears that you already possess a leve for "<leve>". I am sorry, but I am afraid I must ask you to return once you have completed or abandoned it.

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