Goldor (ゴールドル [goldor] in Japanese) lives in a huge mansion south of the village of Amur. The mansion is located between mountain ranges, and the only entrance to the valley is protected by a swamp. Everything in his mansion is gold, for he has possession of a crystal he thinks to be the Earth Crystal. However, in truth the crystal he owns is the Gold Crystal, and only has the power to turn everything it touches into gold.

The specifics of Goldor's life are perfectly unknown.

When the Warriors of Light arrive, he's convinced they are up to no good and chains their airship Enterprise with a golden chain so they cannot reach him. When the Warriors still reach his mansion largely unharmed, he attempts to fight them - and when he loses, he shatters the Gold Crystal. Needless to say, this is a big shock to the Warriors, who think it to be the real one.

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