Gogorano is a repairer of all things in Ul'dah in Final Fantasy XIV. He can be found close to The Quicksand and the chocobo stables, making his business mostly on adventurers.


Gogorano is not involved in any quests


Gogorano: You done good coming to Gogorano. Needin' repairs, are you? Weapons? Tools? Armor? We can fix it all here.
You got some gear what's seen better days? Gogorano's crafters'll see to it they're good as new in no time.
(choose to repair gear)
Gogorano: Good! Come, then, give Gogorano whatever needs fixin'. But know this - the piece determines the price.
Gogorano: That gear'll get damaged one of these days. When it do, make sure you come back to see Gogorano, hear?

Category: People

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