Gnash (ナッシュ [gnash] in Japanese) is a Selkie from the Abyssus Forest in Ring of Fates. His family is unknown, although presumably perished with their village. Gnash is a child of nature who doesn't like cities, and talks to various animals more fluently than to people. He has brown eyes and red hair fading to blond, and is three years older than Yuri and Chelinka - that is, 15 years for the majority of the game.

His voice actor is Miho Hono in the Japanese version.

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Early Years

Very little is known about Gnash's early years. He was born in a village within the Abyssus Forest that has now fallen to ruin, and was raised by the Guardian (神獣 [shinjuu] in Japanese) of the forest afterwards.

At one point, Tilika Tawantyn's spirit ended up in the forest. She spent several years with Gnash and the Guardian of the forest, waiting for the twins - Yuri and Chelinka - to grow up.

After Gnash turns 15 years old, something strange makes nest in the forest. That is the situation when Yuri, Chelinka and Alhanalem come there.

Ring of Fates


Yuri, Chelinka and Alhanalem arrive in the Abyssus Forest just in time to help Gnash out from a sticky situation. In thanks for that and for helping him get rid of whatever is ailing the forest, Gnash promises to go with them. The group searches the forest and gets rid of the Devil Flower that is spreading bad mist around.

Gnash stays with the group as he promised, and comes to care for the people in it. He immediately gets to a good start with the later addition of Meeth Crym into the group. In many situations, he proves to be a valuable help. For example, when they get stuck in the Crystal room beneath Rela Cyel, Gnash jumps up and triggers the warp point out of the room. He also warns the group whenever danger is approaching, he can sense it due to living so long with the Guardian of the forest.

After trying to kill Galdes once and being too late to stop his gaining the power to change the world, Gnash remembers everything while playing with his animal friends in Rebena Te Ra. He apologizes to his friends and runs back to the temple to join the group. However, it is unknown how he ended up in Rebena Te Ra in that world.

In the world after Yuri and Chelinka catch Galdes in an infinite time loop, Gnash is in Rebena again. He came from Abyssus Forest by himself, and reports being happy despite the smelly people, because there is plenty of food.

In the final world Yuri and Chelinka make with their power, there is no mention of Gnash other than for having left a little surprise on top of Latov's head a little after the story mode's ending.


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Gnash has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series, under the Wind element.

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