King Giott (ジオット王 [giott-ou] or 'king giott' in Japanese) is the king of the dwarves in Final Fantasy IV. Not much at all is known about the person himself, other than that his wife is dead and he greatly treasures his only daughter Luca.

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Nothing is known about King Giott's life before the games.

Giott is first met in the Dwarven Castle when Cecil Harvey and his friends end up in the underworld. Since Golbez and his Red Wings have proven a threat to the dwarven way by stealing several of the Crystals of the underworld, he lends his cooperation to the motley group, going so far as to grant them access to a sealed cave where one of the Crystals is held. He also takes care of the wounded Cid Pollendina when the group breaks away from the underworld.

King Giott's other achievements later on in FF4 include sending his army to siege the bottom of the Tower of Babil and then against the Giant of Babil when it appears.

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