Gilbert Highwind

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Gilbert Highwind (ジルベール・ハイウィンド [gilbert highwind] in Japanese) is the former prince of the Kingdom (implied but not certain Lillium Kingdom) who these days is a dragoon. It bears noting that his first name is pronounced 'jil-behr', with a soft 'G' and a silent 'T'.

Gilbert's seiyuu is Ishihara Masato.


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Gilbert has short sandy blond hair brushed forward into a point. His eyes are deep green. The armor he wears is predominantly silver-white with golden detail. It has two cloth parts, the cape that is tied in the front across his chest and separates into two wings on his back, and the under-armor tunic that shows from below his breastplate. The cape is light blue-ish green with a gradient to darker blue at the tips, and the end tied across his chest is decorated with a silver braid pattern. The tunic is white with purple-blue detail, the purple higher up fading into a darker blue at the bottom. There are two panels of the color down the chest and a band at the bottom further decorated with a braid pattern, but how the chest of the tunic might look like with no breastplate in the way is unknown.


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