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Gilbart Chris Von Muir (ギルバート・クリス・フォン・ミューア [gilbart chris von muir] in Japanese) is of the royal Muir line and heir to the throne of Damcyan in Final Fantasy IV - aka Gilbart VII1 when he later takes the throne. He has extraordinary talents in music, as befits the royal Damcyan line, although he holds no interest in commerce which is another trait they're known for. His parents died in the Baron attack of the Damcyan castle, as well as his first love Anna. When he took the throne, he developed a close relationship with his secretary Harley. Gilbart is right-handed, and he was 24 years old at the start of FF4. He's 174 cm tall and weights 51 kg.

While the original game wasn't voiced, this was added later on in the DS version of FF4. In it, Gilbart's seiyuu was Ryou Horikawa in the Japanese version, and was voiced by Jack Lingo in the English version.

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Early Years

Nothing much is known about Gilbart's childhood. Being of the Damcyan royal line, he must have studied both music and commerce in the tradition of his people, and showed major talent in the former. Partially due to this, he was well liked indeed by his people.

Not content to live his life in luxury within the walls of Damcyan Castle, however, Gilbart took a habit of wandering around Damcyan in the guise of a common minstrel. It's unknown when he developed this habit, but he was out wandering some time before the start of FF4.


During his wanderings, he ended up in the town of Kaipo, where he met Anna. The two fell in love, and Anna convinced him2 to return to Damcyan castle to face his parents. The two left Kaipo without telling Anna's father, who was against Anna's interest in the bard.
Gilbart's parents took well to his return with a bride-to-be. However, not too long after the kingdom of Baron sent a fleet of Red Wings to attack Damcyan. Gilbart lost both his parents, as well as Anna who saved him from certain death.

Final Fantasy IV

In Final Fantasy IV you first meet him on top of the newly ruined Castle Damcyan. Baron's attack is barely over. At this scene arrives Cecil Harvey with Rydia and Sage Tellah. Sage Tellah is there to search for his daughter Anna. Tellah gets quite irate at Gilbert, and only stops because Anna asks for it. Having stopped their fighting, she encourages Gilbart to be strong and says her goodbyes, and dies shortly after. Quite understandably, Gilbart is devastated.

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The After Years


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Gilbart has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the element of Ice.

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