Gigameth (ギガメス [gigameth] in Japanese) is the advisor of King Gorn in the kingdom of Saronia in Final Fantasy III. His true appearance is Garuda, the demon bird.

Gigameth, in his true form of Garuda, once terrorized Saronia in the past, long before the start of the game. He was eventually defeated by a Dragoon, leading Dragoons to become a prominent part of Saronia's military. He eventually returned through unknown means and, by positioning himself as a human adviser, managed to get close to the king. When he managed that, he put him under a spell and made him do his bidding, bringing warfare to the formerly peaceful Saronia.
When the Warriors of Light appeared in Castle Saronia with the king's run-away son, the king managed to break free from his curse. This forced Garuda to fight the Warriors himself, and he eventually was defeated.

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