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Genesis Rhapsodos (ジェネシス・ラプソドス [genesis rhapsodos] in Japanese) is the main antagonist in Crisis Core. He was a SOLDIER Class 1st alongside Angeal Hewley and Sephiroth, and ever since he was a child he studied the Loveless poem. Genesis is withdrawn with anyone but his two friends in Class 1st, but is proud of his appearance and skills in battle, as well as his popularity. He has blue eyes and brown hair, and while his exact age is unknown it hovers somewhere around 25 years old during the events of Crisis Core. He uses a red rapier inscribed with runes in battle.
After the events in Crisis Core he is taken to Deepground facilities below Midgar, where he slept away the years. At the end of Dirge of Cerberus he awoke. His whereabouts after that are unknown, as there are no products set after that point in time in the Final Fantasy VII world.

Genesis's voice actor is Gackt Camui in the Japanese version. It bears noting that Gackt also composed and sang the two theme songs of Dirge of Cerberus, Redemption and Longing. In the English version of Crisis Core Genesis's voice actor was Oliver Quinn, and in Dirge of Cerberus Robin Atkin Downes.

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Early Years

Genesis was born the normal way. He was a genetic experiment made during Project G - that is, an egg was fertilized with unrelated genes, and in later stages of development injected with genes of Gillian Hewley, who had in turn been injected with Jenova cells. It is unknown who bore and gave birth to Genesis.
After Project G was deemed a failure, Genesis was given to foster parents in Banora to raise. That was also where the result of another experiment within Project G, Angeal Hewley, was brought to be raised by his biological mother Gillian.

Genesis's foster parents owned the lands in Banora, and he grew up well provided for, but under constant close surveillance of Shinra Company. He was unaware of this fact though, as well as of his origins. He befriended Angeal, and when Angeal one day decided to sign up for SOLDIER, Genesis soon followed him to Midgar and made his new home there.

The two childhood friends quickly made their way through the ranks and into Class 1st, which they reached around 20 years of age as far as can be determined. Somewhere along the years the two made friends with Sephiroth, who Genesis had some form of a rivalry with.

Crisis Core


In late summer of [μ]-εуλ 2000, Genesis is injured in the training room. He was treated by Doctor Hollander, and this way found out the origin of his birth in Project G. That was also around the time that he first acknowledged the degradation happening to his body because of unsatisfactory results of the experiments. Seeking a cure for this, he allies himself with Hollander.

In October of the same year, Genesis is officially dispatched to Wutai, but during the mission he disappears along with many SOLDIER Class 2nd and 3rds. This marks the beginning of his rebellion against Shinra. During the next few months Banora is converted into a base for his own military actions, although this is destroyed later on in December by Shinra, following investigation into the matter by Angeal and Zack Fair.

However, this doesn't deter Genesis much. He has prepared for that eventuality and has bases scattered around the world. In late [ν]-εуλ 0001 Shinra sends several operatives to one of his other bases, this one in Modeoheim. This time, he ended up facing Zack Fair in battle and losing to him. This is nowhere enough to make him give up, however, and he sends more and more of his G Copies - soldiers injected with his cells - to attack important locations around the world. The next summer, these attacks escalate enough for Shinra to dispatch Zack, now a Class 1st, to Junon to attempt to put a stop to it. Later that summer, he starts sending his copy armies to various Mako reactors instead, in search of Jenova cells to cure his degradation, considering his own research on other cures isn't providing any results.

It is unknown what Genesis does during the next five years. However, in autumn of [ν]-εуλ 0007 he has constructed a big base of operations below Banora, where he was still trying to find a cure and had been constructing theories about Loveless. When Zack Fair arrives and once again battles him, he momentarily gains unimaginable power, but nevertheless is defeated in the end.
He falls unconscious as a result of those events, and shortly after two Deepground operatives come take him away to their base beneath Midgar. That is where he spends the next several years, locked away of his own volition and sleeping, waiting for a time he would be needed.

Dirge of Cerberus

Genesis doesn't have a big appearance in the game. He is mentioned in several reports scattered about, but doesn't actually appear until the end of the game, in the secret portion of the ending only viewable by collecting all G Reports. In it, he awakens from his sleep and collects the unconscious Weiss with him. This happens sometime in [ν]-εуλ 0010.


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Genesis has appeared in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Ice element.

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