Garnet til Alexandros XVII

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Garnet Til Alexandros XVII (ガーネット·ティル·アレクサンドロス17世 [garnet til alexandros 17th] in Japanese) is the princess and heir to the throne of Alexandria in Final Fantasy IX. To start with she's unaware of it, but she's not the real daughter of her parents. Her birth name was Sarah, and she was daughter to Jane of Madain Sari. In her veins runs the blood of the summoners.
Garnet is 16 years old at the start of the game, and her birthday is 15th of January. It's unknown if this is her real birthday or the true Garnet's birthday, or if the two of them are the same date. She was born in the year 1784.

While Garnet has no voice actor, at the sequences where she's humming her favorite song Melodies of Life the voice of RIKKI is used.

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Early Years

Sarah was born in Madain Sari to her mother Jane. The existence of the rest of her family is unknown, as is her life in Madain Sari. However, in the year 1790 when she was 6 years old, Madain Sari was destroyed. Jane escaped with Sarah in a small boat. There was a storm that day, and the journey was rough. The daughter survived it, the mother did not. The little Sarah drifted in the boat all the way to Alexandria, where she was discovered by the royal couple, Queen Brahne Alexandros and her husband. They had recently lost their daughter Garnet, and due to the similarities between the two girls they covered up Garnet's death and took Sarah as their own. Sarah's budding horn was sawed off, it wouldn't have done for the princess to gain a horn suddenly.


Due to the stress of the recent happenings, Sarah lost all her memories and completely integrated into her new role as Princess Garnet of Alexandria. A year after her joining the royal family she started tutoring by Doctor Tot. Nothing much is known of those years. The next notable moment in her life came in 1794 when Garnet was 10 years old. She met her uncle Cid Fabool due to their family relations. They like met in Garnet's father's funeral, as his death occurs on the same year. Garnet and Cid became close along the years.

Five years after that in February 1799, due to unknown reasons, doctor Tot resigned from his job as the royal tutor. It might have something to do with the queen's recent ambitions at war and her meeting with Kuja who gave to her disposal the Black Mages, constructed lifeforms built for war. It's unknown if Garnet received any further schooling after this. She was 15 at the time.

January of next year, Garnet was well and truly confused with the behavior of her mother. The queen had changed completely from her old gentle self. Garnet made a plan to escape the castle, and prepared to spy away during her birthday celebrations in two weeks.

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Garnet has had a few appearances in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water and Light elements.

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