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Garland is also known as the Guardian of Terra. He was given the task of looking over the assimilation of Gaia and ensure that everything went smoothly. He created the Genomes to become the vessels for the souls of the people of Terra. During the game, they are merely soulless vessels. Thus in a way, he is considered the father of Kuja and Zidane Tribal.
When the story takes Zidane and his friends to Terra, they manage to defeat Garland. Later on, his spirit (or memory, or merely an aspect of him that managed to survive) guides them through Memoria to defeat Kuja.

He lived in the castle Pandemonium in Terra. His age is unknown, although presumed to be in the thousands.

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Garland has appeared in the FF-TCG, bearing the Dark element.

8-080R Garland, the Guardian

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