Galdes (ガルデス [galdes] in Japanese) is the main villain in Ring of Fates. His personality and motives are a complete mystery. His exact age is unknown, although he appears to be some 65 years old, and despite his strange appearance he is actually a Selkie.

His voice actor in the Japanese version is Shouzou Iizuka, and Michael Sorich in the English version.

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Early Years

Only very few details of Galdes's life before the game are known. In the past there was a War of Power,1 and originally Galdes was a government official on the side of the Selkie who lost the war. It is unknown what exactly the war concerned, but likely either succession of Rebena Te Ra or its conquering of other lands.
Galdes was corrupted even back in those times, whenever it was. However, somehow he managed to become the hierophant of the Crystal Temple even with his past. His corruption type was craving for power, and this led him to wanting to bring the moon's power to cover the world, so he could rule over it.


Sometime after princess Tilika was born, he set his plans in motion. He sent Cu Chaspel, his willing underling, after the princess. However, it appears that the attempt to gain more of the moon's power was a failure.
Afterwards, Galdes started enforcing his rule more tightly around Rebena Te Ra. Somehow, he enlisted the help of a Lich to confuse the heart-broken king Kolka, and became the de facto leader of Rebena Te Ra.

With his plans for princess Tilika gone awry, Galdes soon located and retrieved Aleria from her home. It is unknown whether he locked her within the temple's crystal right away around the time the twins Yuri and Chelinka were born or if this happened later - possibly considerably later even up to during the end of the game's events. However, his later orders to retrieve the twins would indicate that Aleria was locked within the crystal soon after Galdes got his hands on her.

Ring of Fates

When Yuri and Cherinka for the first time ventured into Rebena Te Ra, Galdes got word through Cu Chaspel that at least one of them was a Starsinger, one with the power needed to be able to be used as a Catalyst in calling down the moon's power. He sent Cu Chaspel to retrieve the twins, but this time his retainer returned empty-handed.

It is unknown what happened to his plans during the next several years. However, he must have known that the celestial formation bringing his world, the sun and the Cursed Moon in a line, was coming up the year that the twins started moving again.

In the end, sacrificing Aleria's power to the moon on that special day of the Sun Festival was enough. Galdes obtained his god-like powers to remake the world. He was once defeated in battle by Yuri and his group, but rose again and used his powers to remake the world, several times.
However, it wasn't enough. The Great Crystal had no record of a world where Yuri and his friends wouldn't arrive to the Crystal Temple to defeat him. Yuri and Chelinka then used their power to seal him in an infinite time loop, and that was his end.


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Galdes has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Dark element.

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