Gagaroon is a black market merchant Qiqirn in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x who set up shop in Gridania after the establishment of the city-wide aethernet.


Gagaroon is not involved in any quests.


Gagaroon: Gagaroon has goodies, but Gagaroon no want goodies. Gagaroon want gil. Gagaroon want seals! Do you have gil? Do you have seals?

(buy something)
Gagaroon: Gagaroon glad! Gagaroon giddy! But Gagaroon still have too many goodies. Come back and buy more goodies!


Dusken Draught 10,000 gil / 100 Grand Company seals
Company-issue Engineering Manual 40,000 gil / 400 Grand Company seals
Company-issue Survival Manual 40,000 gil / 400 Grand Company seals
Patriot's Choker 150,000 gil / 1,500 Grand Company seals
Patriot's Bracelet 200,000 gil / 2,000 Grand Company seals

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