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Fusoya (フースーヤ [fusoya] in Japanese) is a Lunarian from Final Fantasy IV. Not much can be said about his personality, but he is the guardian of the crystals, of the moon, and of the Lunarians themselves while they sleep. Not much about the man himself is known at all aside from that. However, he had a brother called Kluya, and his nephew is Cecil Harvey.

While the original game didn't have voice acting, the DS version did add them in the end. Fusoya's seiyuu was Banjoy Ginga, and was voiced by Michael McConnohie in the English version.

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Fusoya looks like a very old man, complete with a long white beard and matching hair. The whiteness however, may be due to his Lunarian blood, as all Lunarians are fair. He also has icy blue eyes. His height is unknown.
Fusoya's clothes are very simple. He wears a long shimmering robe. Its base color is white, but around the shoulders it is light purple, and towards the hem it darkens gradually into dark blue. The sleeves are wide and the hem drags the ground.


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Fusoya has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the elements of Lightning and Light.

tcg_2078.jpg tcg_2100.jpg
2-078U Fusoya 2-100R Fusoya

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