Fupepe Fupe

Fupepe Fupe is a Lalafell child from the hamlet of Aleport in La Noscea. She appears to be friends with Bubusha, and her father brews ale.


Sidequest - Limsa Lominsa
Seashells by the Seashore


Fupepe: Me da brews ale, but he drinks more'n he makes. When he ain't sleepin', he's lookin' fer an excuse t' give me a strappin', so I spends me time out here on the beaches, serchin' fer seashells.
Bubusha says there's beaches far to the east what're so big, the people livin' on 'em ain't never seen the sea! What I wouldn't give t' see a beach that big. Think of all the shells there'd be!

Category: People

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