Frithuric is a leatherworker hanging around the Drowning Wench of Limsa Lominsa in Final Fantasy XIV. If you happen to be a leatherworker, he gives you instructions on what to do and where to find your guild.


Frithuric is not involved in any quests


Frithuric: You hear the legend of how this city was born? Well, years ago, there was this mighty kingdom far to the south - so far, they say it would take a man half his life to sail to her shores - and it had an invincible armada of twenty score times ten unsinkable battleships. They conquered nigh on every city for a thousand leagues, and were the unchallenged masters of the sea…until, that is, an armada just as invincible as their own invaded their waters.
Both sides fought with the courage of lions and the ferocity of sharks, but he kingdom's fighters, so used to doing the attacking themselves, were unsure about how to defend against onslaughts of a similar nature. And so their fleet was nearly destroyed and their cities were completely razed. Only a small fleet of their fastest dromonds was able to escape the carnage under cover of nightfall. It pained the crews to abandon their lands, of course, but they knew flight was the only way to ensure their people lived on.
And so they sailed and they sailed, until one day a terrible storm - some say sent by Llymlaen herself - picked up the few remaining ships and tossed them down upon the rocks of La Noscea. The ships were too badly damaged to be rebuilt, though by this time the men were weary from their journey, and no longer wished to run. And so they salvaged the remnants of their ships and built a tiny settlement on the rocks. Over time that settlement grew…and transformed into the city you see here today.

Frithuric: Can't a man drink his ale without every damn outlander tapping him on the shoulder, asking him this and that?
You thinking 'cause I have an awl in my belt and lime stains on my hands that I can teach you the secrets of leatherworking? I have nothing for you, or the scores of other adventurers come my way this day.
<sigh> But it looks like you won't leave me be unless I give you something, so…buy your way onto the first ferry that'll take you north and east to the city of Gridania. There you might find someone who can slake that stubborn thirst for knowledge of yours.

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