Frimelda Lotice

Known as Blademaster Frimelda, Frimelda Lotice was one of Jylland's most famous women. Some time ago, however, she vanished, and was not heard of again until one day, she put in a request at the pub for a potion and a hi-potion, as she was feeling under the weather. However, when Luso Clemens brings her the potions, she makes a startling discovery. Though widely known, she is not boastful, and speaks with a clear truth.

Frimelda's storyline spans a total of six quests, available at different points in the game, though she joins the clan as a secret character by the end of the fifth.

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Early Years

Frimelda was a famous swordswoman known all across Jylland as Blademaster Frimelda. She once traveled with an aspiring swordsman, Luc Sardac, who became her lover. However, as Frimelda was the better swordmaster of the two, Luc soon became jealous. One day, his envy overshadowed his love, and he poisoned her with Zombie Powder, seeking to kill her. Thinking her dead, he left with her sword, the Fallen Angel.

However, instead of dying, Frimelda turned into a zombie, though she would not be aware of the fact herself for quite some time.

Grimoire of the Rift


Luso, Cid, and Adelle first meet Frimelda the zombie in Tramdine Fens, when she puts in a request at the pub asking for a potion and a hi-potion under the name "Lotice". She has not yet, at that point, realized what has happened to her, but soon discovers it when the potions injure her instead of healing her. She leaves to find a way to return to her former self.

Luso & co. encounter her again at Fluorgis, when someone mistakes her for a common monster while she is looking at the sights and places a request to get rid of her. It is then that Cid realizes that she is none other than Frimelda Lotice.

The next time Luso hears the name Frimelda is from a man named Ghi, who seeks to duel strong enemies. Luso's clan helps Ghi defeat a charlatan calling himself the Swordking, and discovers that Ghi is, in fact, searching for Blademaster Frimelda.

They meet Frimelda herself again when they accept a request from a man claiming to be hunted by a fiend. The "fiend" turns out to be none other than Frimelda, and the man Luc Sardac. Realizing that Luso & co. are on Frimelda's side, Luc finally tells them - and her - how he tried to kill her, and seeks to finish off all of them. When he loses, he begs Frimelda to kill him, but she only retrieves her sword and leaves.

Things look up for Frimelda when Luso's clan receives an anonymous request to retrieve and deliver something to a great swordmaster. It turns out to be a potion to cure Frimelda's zombie status, in fact, and Luso & co. find her just in time, surrounded by ghouls, and protected by none other than Luc Sardac, who regrets what he has done. Luso & co. save them and give Frimelda her potion, after which she joins the clan out of gratitude. Luc is left to leave in shame.

Frimelda's story concludes when the clan receives another anonymous request, this time asking to duel the "blademaster returned from death's threshold". At the meeting place, they find Ghi. When Frimelda defeats him, he reveals that he is the one who had her potion made, by trading his life and health to the Witch of the Fens. He leaves to die, satisfied that he has fought the true Blademaster.


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Frimelda has had one appearance in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Water element.

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