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Freya Crescent (フライヤ·クレセント [freija crescent] in Japanese) is a Burmecian Dragoon in Final Fantasy IX. She's very respected in her home country, but left it to search for her lost love nevertheless. Due to this she has traveled lots. She's 21 years old at the start of the game, and was born in June 1778.

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Early Years

Not very much is known about Freya's early life. She was presumably born in Burmecia, but nothing is known of her family. At some point she determined that she'd become a dragoon knight and achieved this goal in 1794, at the age of 16. Sometime during her training she had met Sir Fratley Irontail, a very strong dragoon, and had become infatuated with him. The same year as she became a dragoon knight, Sir Fratley left Burmecia in search of stronger opponents, promising to return.


However, he never did. Freya was devastated. That same year, aged 17, she abandoned her position and left Burmecia in search of Sir Fratley. It became a very long journey for her. She as still traveling about in 1797 when she met a certain Zidane Tribal in Lindblum. He was running away from home, and perhaps due to this the two became friends.

Freya's journey continued. Three years later in 1800 she was still on it, and had once again ended up in Lindblum. This is how the game's start finds her.

Final Fantasy IX

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Freya has had several appearances in the FF-TCG series with the Lightning element.

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