Francmage M Mistalle

Francmage M Mistalle (フランマージュ・M・ミスタル [francmage M mistalle] in Japanese) was the leader of the Knights Mistalle in Final Fantasy XI. He was born to a San d'Orian noble family that held rule over the lands of Carpenter's Landing, but this was before the Crystal War.
Nothing much is known about his life, but he appears to have held other nations in contempt. When he was already a man grown, he was sent on the Northlands Expedition along with representatives from the other two nations. This was the expedition during which Cornelia lost her life and Raogrimm was left behind in the Northlands, gravely wounded. Soon after his return to San d'Oria while he was staying in the castle, he was murdered one night in the Bostaunieux Oubliette by a Tonberry assassin.
His only known descendant is Louverance Mistalle, his grandson. This means he must have been married by the time he left on the expedition, as his assassination was very soon after that.

After his death his soul lingered on, and several decades after the Crystal War he aided a band of adventurers (that is, the player characters) gain access to Dynamis, to free the rest of Raogrimm's soul from its clutches and prevent the Shadow Lord's third rising.

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