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Firion (フリオニール [frioniel] in Japanese) is an orphan living in Fynn. He's a determined young man (probably in his early twenties or somewhat younger) and becomes a capable leader during the story. Nothing further is known about him.

His voice actors in the Dissidia series are Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese version) and Johnny Young Bosch (English version). He didn't have voice actors before that game.

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The Early Years

Nothing about his earliest years is known. After the death of his parents, he got adopted by the parents of Maria and Leon, and was raised together with them and Guy in Fynn. It is not known what he did, whether he had any profession he was aiming for.

Final Fantasy II

At the start of the game, a further misfortune falls into Firion's life. The Emperor of Palamecia attacks Fynn, and while he manages to escape with Maria, Leon and Guy, his adoptive parents die in the attack. Furthermore, while on the run outside the town the four get attacked by Palamecian soldiers.


When Firion wakes up, he's in Altair. To his relief, he finds Maria and Guy with him in the town, but is distressed to find out that Leon has disappeared. Together with Maria and Guy he decides to aid the resistance in Altair. They ask Princess Hilda to join, but are told it is too dangerous.
Not about to accept the refusal just like that, the three make their way to the conquered Fynn. There in the hidden back room of a local pub, they find Prince Scott, who after some confusion recognizes them as allies of the Wild Rose, and give them his ring right before the last of his strength gives out and he dies. Left with no decent choice, Firion and his friends make their way back to Altair and present the ring to the Princess. She subsequently recognizes them as members of the resistance.

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Firion's English-language name, an alternate spelling of Fidion, and is commonly spelled Gwydion. This is in line with the heavy Irish-Celtic theme present in Final Fantasy II.


Firion has appeared several times in the FF-TCG series, bearing the Fire and Light elements.

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1-018R Firion 1-156R Firion 7-016L Firion 10-016U Firion
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13-027L Firion 14-016U Firion PR-043 Firion PR-084 Firion

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