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Fina (γƒ•γ‚£γƒΌγƒŠ [fina] in Japanese) is one of the three main characters in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a mysterious girl from Paradia of 700 years in the past, who was locked within a crystal. When the Crystals are threatened in the present day, she looks for help from Rain and ends up leaving her crystal. She pops out completely devoid of memories, and an older alter ego of her real self that comes out in times of crisis.
Fina's age is unknown, but she appears to be a young-ish teenager in her young form, and maybe 20s or 30s for her older Magus form.

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Early Years

Nothing is known about Fina's childhood. In her youth, she fought alongside Earth Veritas in the military of Paradia. When the division of Paradia's people happened, Fina joined the side of the Hes while Earth Veritas joined Aldor. Fina thereafter became known as the Magus of Hes, and was their strongest asset in the Great War.

Eventually, due to events yet unknown, she was sealed within a crystal.

Brave Exvius

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In her young form, Fina is a young-ish teenager with pure blonde hair and reddish-brown eyes. Her hair is long, almost to her mid-back, and she wears a purple-pink flower on the left side of her head. The hair on the right side is held back with a gold pin with some kind of dark red decorations on it. The base color of her shirt is pinkish purple, but it has a dark grey panel on the front that has a white thinner panel to either side of it. She also wears a white cape that reaches down to her thighs that has triangular red decorations. It's held together with a golden ornament on the front.
Her skirt is short and of the same pinkish purple color alternating with white layers. In addition, she wears dark grey gloves that reach above her elbows and have a white portion covering the hands, and thigh-high dark grey socks with a gold trim at the top. Her shoes are ankle-high and white. The turned-down tops have red trim. As her weapon, she wields a big pink bow.


In her older form, Fina is a voluptious blonde whose hair is covered in a shin-length black sheer veil. Her hair is only a little shorter than the veil. On top of the veil on the right side of her head there are white decorative flowers. She wears a dress that has a corset-type shirt held up by strings that leaves the stomach area open and plunges deeply over the chest, and a skirt that slashes open high on the front and is long enough to pool on the ground. The shirt is muted red except for a dark grey panel on the front, and the skirt is dark grey. Both have what appears to be golden embroidery. Her weapon is a dark grey snake-whip that glows bright red.



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