Faucillien is the guild mark vendor at Fisherman's Bottom in Limsa Lominsa.


Faucillien is not involved in any quests.


Faucillien: I have here behind me a wide varieyt of goodly goodies watiing to be snatched up by she who comes bearing gloriously golden guild marks! Fishermen's Guild marks, that is.

(Ask about the guild)
Faucillien: Transforming oneself from an insignificant drop in an ocean of warmongering bladeslingers into a friend of the fish, a follower of the tides, requires little more than tossing that unsightly weapon of yours into the sea, and wrapping your hands around a freshly carved rod and a sackful of wriggling bait.
Of course, one cannot partake in the bounties of the deep without making their way to water, whether it be a puddle or pond. But simply casting a line will not always guarantee a fickle fish will bite. A refined fisherman will reach into his tackle box fo tricks and draw on his years of experience to dowse prime fishing holes simply bursting with school after school of eager wavekin. The better his senses, the more luck he'll have in striking the mother lode.
However, if you still long for a method to sate your violent primal urges, you can always take up a prickly prod in your off-hand and test your skills at spearfishing. You may even find yourself tête-à-tête with an awe-inspiring aquan that would normally pay little heed to worm and hook.


Post Guild Mark Abolishment
(various materia + all crystals)

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