Faris Scherwiz

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Faris Scherwiz (ファリス・シェルヴィッツ [faris scherwiz] in Japanese) was originally known as Sarisa Scherwil Tycoon (サリサ・シュヴィール・タイクーン [farisa scherwil tycoon] in Japanese), the older princess of the kingdom of Tycoon. One day she left her home, and mad her way in the world as Faris the pirate. At the start of FF5 Faris is 20 years old. She's 172 cm tall and weighs 53 kg.

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Faris has appeared several times in the FF-TCG, under the elements of Water and Fire. She is one of the only characters who appear under two elements and one of those elements isn't Light or Dark.

tcg_3093.jpg tcg_7114.jpg tcg_10013.jpg
3-093R Faris 7-114U Faris 10-013S Faris
tcg_10014.jpg tcg_14116.jpg tcg_pr028.jpg
10-014C Faris 14-116R Faris PR-028 Faris

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