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When first creating a character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, you must also pick the family trade. There are no restrictions or anything different between the same trade of different races. You can influence the items and discounts you get from your family by talking to them regularly and sending them items from your travels.
Merchants, tailors and blacksmiths in a single village are connected. Should the happiness level of one family rise, the others will soon follow.

Note also that while they cannot, for example, receive scrolls from an alchemist or fish from a fisher, everyone in the village can take advantage of the expanded selection for merchants, blacksmiths and tailors. If you're planning on concentrating on one character, it might be advantageous to have your family's profession be alchemist. This way, you can create additional characters in the abovementioned useful professions and only raise their happiness level enough to take advantage of the expanded selections.




Alchemist families thrive best if their children send home seeds, scrolls for weapons, armor and accessories, and materials used to make them. Should you do so, they will return the kindness with scrolls for improved items.

Level 1: Iron Armor
Level 2: Warrior's Weapon
Level 3: Flame Armor
Level 4: Clockwork
Level 5: Mythril Armor
Level 6: Frost Armor
Level 7: Lightning Craft
Level 8: Master's Weapon
Level 9: Ring Of Light
Level 10: Diamond Armor
Level 11: Ring Of Invincibility
Level 12: Greatest Weapon


The children of blacksmith families should send home scrolls for making weapons, armor and accessories, and the materials to make them. In exchange, they will lower their prices and widen their selection.

Default: Novice's Weapon, Warrior's Weapon, Bronze Armor, Iron Armor, Iron Shield, Bronze Gloves, Iron Gloves, Bronze Belt, Iron Belt
Level 1: Master's Weapon, Mythril Shield, Mythril Gloves, Mythril Sallet, Mythril Belt
Level 2: Legendary Weapon, Diamond Armor, Diamond Gloves, Diamond Sallet, Diamond Belt
Level 3: Greatest Weapon


Farmers gain most from gifts of seeds. In exchange for wheat seeds, they will give you bread and bundles of wheat.


The happiness level of a fisherman family can be raised by sending in fish and different seeds. In exchange, you will receive fish at the beginning of the year.


Merchant parents will buy your unwanted items for more gil than any other place. When their happiness level rises, so does their item selection.

Default: Meat, Bronze, Alloy, Fish, Iron, Spring Water
Level 1: Mythril, Gold, Silver, Bronze Shard, Iron Shard
Level 2: Magma Rock, Chilly Gel, Thunderball
Level 3: Ultimite, Dark Sphere


Millers gladly receive seeds as gifts. In exchange for wheat seeds, you will receive bread and flour.


Should you send your rancher family some seeds, they will give you slices of meat at the beginning of the year. Should you come across a cow and send it to them, they will gift you with milk.


When their happiness level rises, tailor families provide you with wider selections and better discounts.

Default: Flame Craft, Frost Craft, Lightning Craft, Clockwork
Level 1: New Clockwork, Blue Yarn, Tome Of Wisdom, Tome Of Speed, Fiend Kit, Faerie Kit, Eyewear Techniques, Goggle Techniques
Level 2: White Yarn, Gold Craft, Secrets Of Wisdom, Secrets Of Speed, Daemon Kit, Angel Kit, Designer Glasses, Designer Goggles
Level 3: Ring of Invincibility

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