Faezbroes is a Roegadyn in employ of Highwind Skyways in Final Fantasy XIV version 1.x. He could be found behind the counter at the airship landing in Limsa Lominsa, selling airship tickets.


Grand Company Quests
Ceruleum Shock (instance)


Faezbroes: Greetings, good sir, and welcome to Highwind Skyways. How might we serve you this day?

(What do you wish to do? Book passage on an airship)
Faezbroes: Where will you be flying today?
(choose destination)
Faezbroes: The fare will be <#> gil. If I might confirm, you wish to travel to <city> - is that correct?
Very good, sir. Please proceed to the landing area. We wish you a pleasant voyage.
(Learn about services)
Faezbroes: Highwind Skyways is an airship company that provides passenger services between the three city-states of Eorzea. Patrons wishing to book passage to one of our destinations may purchase a ticket at this counter.
Beside standard tickets, there are also special airship passes that allow the bearer to travel at no charge on a specified route.

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