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Fabula, the Guiding One (ファブラ導く者 [fabula michibiku mono] or 'Fabula the Guiding One' in Japanese) is one of the first characters seen in Final Fantasy Unlimited. She apparently lives in her own dimension beyond the ones that the events normally take place in the series. It comprises of a big shell filled with light and pearls and is in pastel colors.
Fabula has green eyes and white hair, although her hair is covered by a hooded, faded yellow cloak. Underneath the cloak she wears a long, light purple dress. Her age and any other specifics are unknown. Apparently Fabula has the power to see what happens in each dimension. She probably uses what is either a large pearl or a crystal ball to do this, for she is never seen without it.


Fabula's voice actor in the Japanese version is Kikuko Inoue, and Clare Hamilton in the English version.


Fabula doesn't actually do very much for the duration of the series. In the beginning of each episode she tells what has happened so far, and at the end she narrates the preview for the next episode.

However, in the third episode, her shell-dimension appeared within the world of fruits and Ai Hayakawa entered it. Fabula gave her Poshepocket to aid in her travels. It's unknown where Poshepocket originally came from, or if it's some kind of a manifestation of Fabula's power. It appears that her dimension has several other random-looking items scattered about the place.

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