Excenmille M Aurchiat

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Excenmille M Aurchiat (エグゼニミル・M・オルシャー [excenmille M aurchiat] in Japanese) is the name of the young lord Aurchiat from the region of Norvallen in Final Fantasy XI. He inherited the position from his father Alphonimile M Aurchiat, although nothing else is known of his family. He was born in 852 CE, and by the end of the Crystal War he was a hero of his home nation San d'Oria. He has spent most of his adult life on the northern continent, the homeland of Elvaan and Orcs.
Excenmille has blue eyes and silver hair, and resembles his father by quite a bit. Maybe because of his experiences in war, he has a no-nonsense attitude. His current position in San d'Orian army is that of a Conflict Director.



Early Years

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Wings of the Goddess

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Adult Life


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Excenmille has made one appearance under the Lightning element in the FF-TCG series.

9-110R Excenmille

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