Eustace is in employ of the Adventurers' Guild of Ul'dah, where he distributes local leves.


Eustace is not involved in any quests.


Eustace: Hello, then. What brings ye by? Wouldn't happen to be interested in some local levequests now, would ye? Gods know I've more o' the bloody things than I know what to do with!

(choose leve)
Eustace: It's as easy as that. If there's aught else ye fancy knowin' about yer task, just have a look in that journal o' yers.

(local leves full)
Eustace: Why, aren't ye the eager one. I truly wish I could accommodate, but rules is rules, and the rules says I'm not to give any 'venturer more leves 'n what the guild has reckoned is fair. Though, might be we'll have more for ye if ye come back in a few bells.

Category: People

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